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Accepted papers

  1. Blood Vessels Image Segmentation Based on Clifford Algebra and Voronoi Diagram
    (Changwu Ge, Hao Gao)
  1. Reinforcement Learning Based Cell Intelligent Multi-mode Frequency Reuse Method
    (Zhiling Tang, Yuan Wang, Rushi Lan , Xiaonan Luo)
  1. Image Regsitration Method for Temporal Substraction Based on Salient Region Features
    (Suguru Sato, Huimin Lu, Hyoungseop Kim, Seiichi Murakami, Midori Ueno, Takashi Terasawa, Takatoshi Aoki)
  1. Shape-Centric Region Bundle Adjustment with Virtual Viewing
    (Du Zhen Long, Xiaoli Li, Xuejun Liu, Guo Yan Wen)
  1. Extreme ROS Reality: A Representation Framework for Robots Using Image Dehazing and VR
    (Akira Ueda , Huimin Lu, Hyoungseop Kim)
  1. Double-Blinded Finder: A Two-Side Privacy-Preserving Approach for Finding Missing Children
    (Xin Jin , Shiming Ge, Chenggen Song, Xiaodong Li, Jicheng Lei, Chuanqiang Wu, and Haoyang Yu)
  1. Complex Object Illumination Transfer through Semantic and Material Parsing and Composition
    (Xiaodong Li, Rui Han, Ning Ning, Xiaokun Zhang, and Xin Jin)
  1. Global-best Leading Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms
    (Di Zhang, Hao Gao)
  1. Position Control of Ultrasonic Motor using PID Control Combined with Artificial Bee Colony Type Neural Networks
    (Shenglin Mu, Satoru Shibata, Tomonori Yamamoto, Shota Nakashima, Kanya Tanaka)
  1. Blind Assistive Tiny Humanoid Walking and Dancing Robot With Object Detection
    (Bijan Paul)
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