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Prof. Hyoungseop Kim

Title: Image Registration Based Computer Aided Diagnosis


Hyoungseop Kim received his B.A. degree in electrical engineering from Kyushu Institute of Technology in 1994, the Masters and Ph.D. degree from Kyushu Institute of Technology in 1996 and 2001, respectively. He is a professor in the department of control engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology. His research interests are focused on medical application of image analysis. He is currently working on automatic segmentation of multi-organ CT image, and temporal subtraction of thoracic MDCT image sets.


Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) attracted attention for the purpose of alleviating the burden on interpreting doctors and improving diagnostic accuracy.

The temporal subtraction technique is proposed as a CAD tool. The temporal subtraction image is obtained by subtraction of a previous image from a current one and can be used for enhancing the interval changes on medical images by removing most of normal structures such as blood vessels, ribs etc. To obtain a subtraction images with high quality, it is necessary to develop a nonlinear geometric image warping technique for reduction of misregistration artifacts. We have developed some nonrigid image warping techniques and perform it to the medical image sets which is obtained different time series of same subject. In this lecture, I introduce some image registration techniques and its application to detect abnormal shadows on CT images.

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